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WhereToday allows you to explore details and connections between museums, gardens, historic houses, castles and more. Use it to research sites while planning a grand day out. Sites have descriptions, maps, photo albums, timelines, links to heritage resources, powerful filters and targeted searches. Currently just the United Kingdom, but will soon be expanded worldwide.

Part of the part of the Expounder family of websites. It does not host much original content, but uses Wikidata as a backbone to display Wikipedia and Wikimedia data and link to other sites in a friendly fashion.

For example HMS Victory is a first-rate ship of the line built by Chatham Historic Dockyard and is now a museum ship in Portsmouth in Hampshire. Nearby, Fort Nelson is a military museum. They are both great days out!

The site is a work in progress, with plenty of rough edges. Suggestions for improvement, including new data sources or display methods, are welcome, contact John Bray

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